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Thesis & Dissertation

 After completing the course work, the student shall submit a synopsis or research proposal, in consultation with the supervisor. The synopsis shall be approved by the Board of Advanced Studies and Research.

The synopsis format can be downloaded here

The requirements for thesis can be downloaded here

Requirements of MS Thesis

The Scope of the thesis shall be what might be reasonably expected after six month to one year's full time work. The details can be found here

Examination of MS Thesis

Thesis shall be submitted for examination in a temporarily bound form. A thesis submitted in a temporarily bound form must be in its final form in all respects except the binding and the incorporation of any amendments required by the examiner.

The MS thesis, after submission, shall be defended by the student before a panel of examiners consisting of the Chairman/Head of the concerned department, research supervisor and at least one external examiner, who should be on the approved list of external examiners maintained by the office of the Dean, Graduate Studies and Research.

The examiners shall assess the student’s performance, identifying both the strengths and weaknesses. The written thesis shall be graded as approved, deferred or not acceptable.

If the submitted thesis is graded not acceptable (i.e., requires major revision), the student shall be considered to have failed. In the case of failure, the committee shall recommend if resubmission after major revision is allowed, or research on different topic is to be undertaken, or the candidate has terminally failed.

If the examining committee recommends minor changes to the written thesis, the supervisor shall be responsible for ensuring that these revisions are incorporated and for informing the Dean of the concerned faculty and Dean GSR in writing of the same.

Communication of Result and Final Thesis Submission

Following the decision of the examining committee, the chair will recall the candidate and present the decision orally.

Following explanation and incorporation of any amendments required by the examiners, the thesis must be bound in purple binder cloth, in a permanent binding of the approved type before the degree may be awarded. For details see MS/PhD Thesis Format Requirments

 Electronic Copy

An electronic copy of the finally approved thesis should also be submitted preferably on CD.

 Writing up Period

Writing up period for MS students normally is not earlier than one and a half years and for PhD students it is normally nor earlier than three years.

 The writing-up period does not automatically apply the candidate’s supervisor must certify that the student is in fact writing up. No tuition fee will be charged for writing up period.

 Exceptional approval of additional time to complete

With an exceptional reason, a student may seek approval for up to a maximum of 12 additional months to complete his/her thesis. Requests for additional time will be considered on the merit.


Requirement of PhD Dissertation

The scope of dissertation shall be what might reasonably be expected after three year of full time study.

Submission/Evaluation of PhD Dissertation

The student, who has completed the entire requirement for writing up the dissertation, shall be allowed to submit seven bound copies of the dissertation to the department.  

Oral Defense

The candidate shall defend the thesis before a panel of examiner, consisting of three to five members. If the student fails to satisfy the examiners in the oral, he/she will be given one more chance to defend the dissertation within one year.

Complete details of PhD dissertation requirements can be downloaded here.


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