Graduate Programs and Research

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PhD Graduate rules


  • 3-5 Years

  • Leave of absence up to 2 semesters18 CH of course work

    • Non-consecutive
    • Not in 1st Semester
    • Upon recommendation of HoD with approval from Dean
    • Registration Fee will be charged

Course Work

  • Register 3-12 CH/semester
  • When a student earns a C grade in any course taken, he/she is placed under probation. Earning two C grades will result in the student being dropped from graduate studies and the research program.
  • Register thesis after completion of course work


  • Approved by Dean on recommendation of Supervisory committee
  • Co-supervisor to be appointed where essentially required
  • Supervisor from CIIT with PhD
  • Co-supervisor may be from outside

Comprehensive Exam

  • After Completion of Course Work

  • To be passed within 6 semesters of PhD

  • Maximum attempts 3

  • Passing percentage 60%

Attendance Requirement

  • 80% Attendance is Mandatory


  • Attendance record maintained by the supervisor
  • Monthly Positive progress report by the supervisor

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